General Rules

1. The staff is Judge, Jury and Executioner in all cases. Also no sass.. Wink
2. Absolutely no metagaming or powergaming. If you’re new to RP, look them up. These are perma-bannable offenses. Our staff will not be lenient on this rule.
3. DO NOT ever bring OOC(Out of Character) into IC(In-Character), or vice versa. Remember, you’re role playing as a character and not playing as yourself in the game. (Don’t take **** personally, especially if you get killed for messing with the wrong people.)
4. Don’t be a **** to others in OOC. Being a **** in-character is fine -- if your character is a ****.
5. Hacks or exploits are NEVER allowed. If you are caught doing either you will be subjected to permanent banishment and will not be allowed to appeal.
6. Aimlessly destroying structures is not allowed, all destruction must have purpose. Not all destruction has to be RPed, but it must have a purpose.
7. Land Scarring:
Land scarring simply means that you ruin the land - such as ugly quarries. Building in the wilds is allowed, but please consider some things! Do NOT make 1x1 pillars - do NOT leave floating trees - Please make REALISTIC-ISH (this is a fantasy space server afterall, so some crazy **** goes) buildings! In addition, larger scale and deep, small tunnel mines should have supports!
8. Be realistic and reasonable in what your character is capable of, unless you can properly RP your strengths in a manner that is not powergaming, while providing a pleasurable experience for others.
9. Fights between factions are not allowed to gain anything in RP unless it is a Warclaim battle.
10. Do NOT use any command to exit a RP situation, for example, using the /home command to escape RP with aggressive people. Continuous abuse of this command in particular will lead to it's removal.

General PvP rules

1. You must always RP sufficiently before initiating a PVP engagement. You may NOT run up to someone and initiate PvP with out role playing. That is RDM, or random death matches, and will not be tolerated.
2.You must make it clear that you are initiating PvP by marking an emote or message with [PVP]. ex: “Prepare your angus!” [PVP], *angrily unsheathes sword [PVP]
3. After the [PVP] message is sent both parties must wait 10 seconds. If either party attempts running the other party may engage at will.
4. If there are more than two persons in the engagement they must then mark their involvement with a {PVP} message before the 10 seconds of the initial [PVP] message is sent.
5. Engagements between factions must follow rules 1. through 4. unless a staff member broadcasts an open engagement message or it's a Warclaim battle.

New Life Rule (NLR)

1. If you are killed in PvP, do not return to the location of your death for a reasonable amount of time, unless told you may.

No one can force your character to die other than yourself.